Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years to Remember

Well life has been crazy busy but very blessed. Gisel and I had a random New Years Eve that we will never forget. It was 7:30 pm and Gisel had been sick so she just woke up from a little nap and I had just returned from the gym. She looked at me and asked "what should we do for new years?" After a few moments I decided to book a hotel room  up north (the Marriott discount is fun) and we randomly drove 30 minutes to the Renaissance North Shore Hotel where the front desk clerk was great and hooked up a free suite upgrade and we were able to settle in and have a nice dinner at Ruth Chris Steak House.

After that we decided to explore the hotel and had another random experience when we walked by a Pentecostal New Years Worship Service and they invited us in. As fellow followers of Christ we accepted the invite and had a blast. The music was loud, the shouting and praising was loud, and it was great to feel the faith and experiences of this congregation. Gisel had never seen people speaking in tongues and push people over to get the bad spirits out so that was something we will never forget. After that we capped the night with saying happy New Years to our families and watching the ball drop in New York! These are pics of us running errands on New Years Eve!


We have also enjoyed spending time with family and friends over the holidays in Chicago and in Texas!

Gisel's first companion from her missionary work came all the way from Australia to have some fun; Everyone asked if they were sisters.

My dad and I had a guys weekend in Chicago when Gisel went to Utah!        


Thanksgiving was great with Uncle Jud coming up and some of Jessica's family coming in from Kentucky! Megan and Spanky also came up from San Antonio and Gisel's brother Zahir and his wife Aubree's family stopped by from Frisco, Texas to visit the Fort Worth, Zoo.

We also had some surprise visits from my BYU Idaho people with my old roommate Laif and his wife Janet stopping by for some pizza and then we ran into Gisel's old music teacher Brother Moore!

Christmas was great and pictures will come soon. I stayed for the weekend and Gisel was able to spend the week with my family where she beat everyone in bowling and had a blast catching up on movies!  

Life has been good and full of fun...oh and WE ARE HAVING A GIRL! April 26th is the big day! Thank you for all of your support and we send our love and best wishes for 2012.


  1. Love you guys miss you errr day. You know me mom and dad! 2012 goal is to come to Chi-town

  2. a girl!!! that is so wonderful. Congrats! So happy for yall. Happy 2012!

  3. Congratulations on the baby girl! We can't wait till March when our little one is born =]

  4. LOVED the photos! I sooo wanna see people speak in tongues like that! Haha, happy to see you two are doing fantastic. Happy New Year!!! :)

  5. Sounds like you guys had quite the eventful new years! haha... And so excited that you guys are having a girl! :) She is gonna be a beaut! :)