Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years to Remember

Well life has been crazy busy but very blessed. Gisel and I had a random New Years Eve that we will never forget. It was 7:30 pm and Gisel had been sick so she just woke up from a little nap and I had just returned from the gym. She looked at me and asked "what should we do for new years?" After a few moments I decided to book a hotel room  up north (the Marriott discount is fun) and we randomly drove 30 minutes to the Renaissance North Shore Hotel where the front desk clerk was great and hooked up a free suite upgrade and we were able to settle in and have a nice dinner at Ruth Chris Steak House.

After that we decided to explore the hotel and had another random experience when we walked by a Pentecostal New Years Worship Service and they invited us in. As fellow followers of Christ we accepted the invite and had a blast. The music was loud, the shouting and praising was loud, and it was great to feel the faith and experiences of this congregation. Gisel had never seen people speaking in tongues and push people over to get the bad spirits out so that was something we will never forget. After that we capped the night with saying happy New Years to our families and watching the ball drop in New York! These are pics of us running errands on New Years Eve!


We have also enjoyed spending time with family and friends over the holidays in Chicago and in Texas!

Gisel's first companion from her missionary work came all the way from Australia to have some fun; Everyone asked if they were sisters.

My dad and I had a guys weekend in Chicago when Gisel went to Utah!        


Thanksgiving was great with Uncle Jud coming up and some of Jessica's family coming in from Kentucky! Megan and Spanky also came up from San Antonio and Gisel's brother Zahir and his wife Aubree's family stopped by from Frisco, Texas to visit the Fort Worth, Zoo.

We also had some surprise visits from my BYU Idaho people with my old roommate Laif and his wife Janet stopping by for some pizza and then we ran into Gisel's old music teacher Brother Moore!

Christmas was great and pictures will come soon. I stayed for the weekend and Gisel was able to spend the week with my family where she beat everyone in bowling and had a blast catching up on movies!  

Life has been good and full of fun...oh and WE ARE HAVING A GIRL! April 26th is the big day! Thank you for all of your support and we send our love and best wishes for 2012.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Moving/New Jobs/Weddings/Good Times

Well it has been a while since we put a post up but life is great and busy. In the past few weeks we moved out of our sublease and Marriott put us up in a hotel for 10 days with our things in three different places. :) Part of that time we went to California for Gisel's sisters wedding! Congrates to Mariel and Sam Solesbee.

                                                                                              Their wedding was beautiful and it was great spending time with the Osuna's and Solesbee's. Sam  got us all free passes to DISNEYLAND and California Adventure. It was my first time to go to Disneyland and it was the most amazing time! Gisel said I was like a big kid the entire time and it was a blast. We drove these little go carts that go 40 mph for the bachelor party and then experienced a great wedding and reception for the beautiful couple! 
Cubs Game! FHE
After the ten days in the hotel Gisel and I moved into our new apartment with the help of our friends Brent and Todd! We love it! IKEA became a good friend of ours as we finally have a table, coffee table and TV stand! Gisel and I also both started new jobs! Gisel is a nanny for the cutest two boys who live right down the street and she loves it. She is also finishing classes online so she is a busy little lady. I am now a sales manager for Marriott and I work out of their regional sales office next to the O`Hare airport. A lot of training right now but it has been really fun. We have been to some great events and games thanks to groupon and last minute deals! The past few weeks we went to a pre-season Bears game, Andre Rieu concert, and we just had an
Andre Rieu
Bears Game 8th Row!

                                                                                                                 FHE at a Cubs game. Oh and yes before all this happened my boy Matt Hyatt came into town while my awesome brother Will was surprised by his wife Jess with tickets to Chicago for their anniversary! haha It was an awesome weekend! To sum all this is blessed and beautiful. We have been very grateful to be in Chicago and though we do miss our family and friends back in Texas and BYU-Idaho we are grateful to be here!
Hugo's Frog Bar w/ Will and Jess
Big Matt Hyatt 


Friday, August 5, 2011

I LoVe 2 See ThE TeMpLe :)

So John and I were called to work at the nursery about a month and a half ago. There are about 13 kids and they all are really sweet. They always have their play time, then snack time, lesson, coloring and singing time! So this last Sunday during singing time, we were doing "I Love to See the Temple" and the kids always sing with so much enthusiasm and do the motions to the song, they are so cute! so there we are... John and I standing with the kids and they start singing:

"I love to see the Temple, I'm going there someday..."

Then John leans over (with a "making fun of" tone of voice) and he's like: "I already went Sssucker's!!!" hahahahaha it was the funniest thing! We couldn't stop laughing! He was so mean, haha I was just like, these poor kids are two years old and he is giving them a hard time cuz they haven't gone to the Temple! I wish I would've recorded it, hilarious! hahaha
Perfect picture for this post haha... (San Antonio Temple, after our sealing!)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to me! :)

Our birthdays are only ten days apart, so my b-day was a week ago, on the 22nd, and it was soo much fun! His mom was still in town and she had been celebrating my b-day since she got here lol... then his dad came in town as well and we had a great week! For my b-day, John first gave me two great photo books, one of our engagement pics and one of our wedding pics! I literally cried when I saw them cuz they are just so precious! I just love him! He also rented a jet ski and it was awesome! (we didn't actually jet ski until Tuesday cuz a storm came that morning of my b-day, so then we just went to the hot tub which was fun as well) but when we jet skied it was crazy! i even drove it! i was going one mile per hour but what the heck it was so fun haha when John was driving I told him to be very careful to not drop me and he didn't but it was cuz I was holding unto him so tight! then his mom made me a big chocolate cake with M&M's on top cuz I'd told her that's how my mom made my b-day cakes when I was little :) so it was great! Then we all had lunch at the John Hancock bldng.. great view! then we went to the Navy Pier and rode one of the biggest and I think slowest haha ferris wheel ever! so fun! and also his mom (who wanted to kill me for making her do this) and I got on the wave swinger ride! lol then we went to see the musical West Side Story, and ate more, lots of cake and talked to my beautiful family back home and everywhere else and it was an amazing b-day! We also did the famous Chicago segway tour Tuesday afternoon

and it was so much fun but we felt so bad cuz a lady in the other group in front of us snapped her ankle on the segway! it was crazy! they were crossing the street and somehow she hit the light and I guess lost control and her foot got stuck under the segway and this thing kept on going with her foot under I guess and broke her ankle! the ambulance and fire truck came and it was crazy! I's so thankful that didn't happen to me! or John, I guess I'm just grateful we know how to drive a segway :) anyway... great times!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Let's Go to Bed Bath & Beyond!

So we were getting ready for John's mom to come into town the day before his birthday and we had recently bought a sectional couch from one of our neighbors in the top just above us. It was a really good deal, the couch is in really good conditions, except, this people had a dog that shed a lot, and even though they obviously cleaned the couch before they sold it, I still often find dog's hair on it and I can't really stand that! lol I told John I wanted to fix that, so he said that we will eventually get it reupholstered but in the meantime he was so sweet that he grabbed some rubber gloves and started cleaning it himself, (someone had told him you can get hair off like that) he did a great job, but it wasn't enough... sooo, last Monday, I had gone to Bed Bath & Beyond, (which with my mexican accent I often say Beth Bad & Beyond haha) earlier that day to get new shower curtains and while I was there I decided to look at furniture covers :) specially for couches! Didn't have much success and when John met me there we both decided to just get some chenille bedspreads to throw on the couch to cover it. I was so excited to get home and throw those things on the couch! so we did! We had bought two and realized our couch was bigger and longer than those blankets... it looked really ghetto haha... I wanted to go back and get one more to cover what was left of the couch... and to return the shower curtains cuz they weren't the right color! We looked at the clock and it was 8:45pm... so we both were like, "should we go back tonight? what time do they close? we're not gonna make it! yes we are... no we're not.. let's call to see what time they close..." LOL by that point it was already 8:50pm... we called and yes they closed at 9pm... we still kind of went back and forth for another 30 secs... and finally said.. ok.. lets go! so...

8:51pm- we get in the elevator... by this point John had said, "everything has to go perfect" and so far everything was going great! no one else got in our elevator so we went down 45 floors pretty quick!
8:52pm- We get to the car and start pulling out the parking lot...
8:53pm- We're finally driving... he was driving SO fast I was just praying he wouldn't run into anyone!
8:54pm- Still driving! haha... the momentum had gone way up and we started hitting all green lights! then I said "ok good! this means we're doing something right! Heavenly Father wants us to get there! Cuz yesterday we were hitting all red lights..." but then realized that we were on our way to Church yesterday hahaha... so that was just bad luck, not that Heavenly Father didn't want us to get to Church!
8:55pm- We hit our first red light.. and lots of traffic, and still 2 blocks away... so, I get out of the car and start running like someone was going to take my life away and John rolls down his window and starts yelling "run run run!! hurry! you can do it!" hahaha and everyone starts watching us and I'm just laughing as I'm running! it was hilarious!
8:57pm- I'm way out of breath but I made it to Bed Bath & Beyond and exchanged curtains and got my other blankie! LOL

Funny part of the story... we ended up not using those chenille bedspreads cuz they leave a lot of fuzz! hahaha... oh wow!

Happy Birthday John John!

So a week ago, on July 12th was my hubby's birthday and it was such a fun day! I woke him up singing happy b-day and made him some strawberry shortcake! Then his mom and I had a sailing boat trip planned for him that morning, it was a surprise! We all took a cab to the harbor and he was like "where are we going!?" We finally got there and he looved it! it was soo fun! a rented a little charter and we had a guide and we just sailed for two hours on lake Michigan! so cool! Then we came home and I had planned a surprise b-day party for him that evening with some of our friends here in Chicago. It was kind of fun and exciting planning it all without him knowing anything... I thought I had it all planned like a week and a half ago but then a week before his b-day he gets home and tells me he got that day off so that complicated things and I didn't know what I was going to do to prepare everything that day without him knowing what was going on! I figured it all out, everyone showed up to the party right on time for the surprise, and had party poppers for when he came in lol, it was great! we had lots of food! pizza, cake, ice cream and it was all so good! He was reaaally surprised which made me happy! My baby is now 26 :) he is such a big boy! haha he is doing great with his job and hopefully we'll find out soon if we're staying in Chicago or not! But I think we will! His mom is in town and we are just having soo much fun! I love being in the Merrifield clan! :) They are great!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Our first 4th of July together was awesome! John fortunately didn't have to work so we went shopping in the morning trying to find a dress for my sister's wedding, then we came home and made some delicious turkey burgers! Then we wanted to go play tennis but decided to go rent some bikes instead and that was really fun! it was the perfect day for riding bikes!

We rode all along the lake and the beach, took pictures and then met some friends and walked to the pier and played some frisbee while we waited for the fireworks show! Then we all came to our little place and had ice cream, chips and salsa and it was a fun fun day! I love being able to spend time with my hubby and do all this fun stuff together. I thought I wasn't gonna be able to see him all day yesterday, since I had to go work (babysit) earlier than usual, before he went to work, and then I had a lot of other stuff to do so, when I got back he was already at work, and didn't get back til late at night, (10:30) but somehow we always make it work so we met for dinner just right across his hotel at a great McDonald's :) He looked so cute and handsome in his little Marriott suit, which there's really nothing little about it, my baby is pretty big lol... so I made up a song for him last night... "You make my day, you make my night, you make every minute of my life, I love everything you do, and that's why I-LOVE-YOU!!! lol... it was really late at night and I was too hyper so don't judge me lol I don't remember the tune of the song or anything else, I just know we both fell asleep after I sang it a couple times haha, good times!